Spring fever in the garden and on the balcony

Spring is the right time to prepare outdoor areas for the coming summer season. With the first warming rays of the sun, the desire to get everything ready for the outdoors grows so that you can sit outside again soon. So: clean, tidy, organize and then...enjoy!

Clean the terrace and balcony 

The outdoor area often loses its beauty due to the weather. Debris spreads and dirt builds up. Thorough cleaning is therefore essential.

Use the triangular brush and rectangular brush for large-area cleaning of terrace tiles and balcony floors. Because thanks to the bristles, which are guided with pressure and hot steam over the tiles, even stubborn dirt can be removed from the floor. The steam lance can be used to remove coarse dirt that has become lodged in the gaps, among other things. With sensitive materials such as wood, however, you should proceed with appropriate caution.

Even large-scale dirt on rough stone slabs can be removed almost effortlessly with the hot steam, and all this without scrubbing. In addition, it ensures bright cleanliness in a completely environmentally friendly manner. Because: Chemical agents for cleaning terrace slabs and sidewalks usually contain toxic substances that can get into the ground and contaminate the groundwater.

In addition, the dry steam cleaner is perfect for removing weeds between the paved areas without chemical weed killers. Place the steam lance very close to the plant and simply steam it away. Thanks to the high temperatures, it withers immediately and you can easily remove the remains.

Clean awnings and sun shading

Outdoor sun protection systems such as awnings, roller shutters, external blinds and sun sails are more or less exposed to the weather and dirt. Over time, a dirt film forms on the surfaces, which can burn in permanently due to UV radiation. That is why it is important to regularly clean and maintain your sun protection to extend its lifespan.

In general: For excessive dirt, use the triangular brush and rectangular brush. However, these should always be used in combination with a steam buffer and microfiber cloth. Stubborn stains such as bird droppings or green scale - regardless of the textiles - can always be treated with the steam lance.

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Start the new season with clean garden furniture

When putting the furniture away, it is often overlooked that it is not completely clean, the hinges are difficult to access or the paint is damaged. A basic cleaning in spring is therefore recommended. The cleaning and care of the furniture must be carried out according to the respective material.

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Clean your grill with steam

No matter what type of grill you use, the grilling grate should be cleaned after each use. The longer the leaked fat stays on the grate, the more it can stick and the harder it will be to remove it later. 

Clean your grill naturally with steam and without special cleaning agents: to remove burned-on grease residues, use a stainless steel brush or a stainless steel spatula. The result: a hygienically pure grill without any hassles and chemical residues. 

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To the accessories

Effortless pool cleaning with the dry steam cleaner 

Outdoor swimming pools hibernate during the colder months. In order for the new swimming season to start on time, the winter-weary pool needs a proper cosmetic program beforehand. The filter system should also be cleaned regularly so that you can enjoy the cooling waters for a long time while the water in the pool remains clean.

With the dry steam cleaner from Thermostar, proper pool maintenance is very easy: it removes the dirt much more easily than a cloth and with much less effort. For larger areas, use the triangular brush or the rectangular brush. The steam lance helps with small gaps or cracks. With these attachments, dirt is removed in a few seconds. Even coarse dirt such as algae, moss and chlorine residues are child's play for the dry steam cleaner. 

Cleanness for a lifetime!